PowerHud’s Energy Management System offers insightful data analytics for industrial and commercial premises. PowerHud unifies electric, solar, wind, water, air and gas management under one roof.

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PowerHud’s energy management software enables you to unify and control your energy consumption from different sources. Its Heads-up Display (HUD) uses real-time tracking and visualization techniques to compile energy data and generate useful analytics. PowerHud is powered by dozens of experts with many years of field experience. 

The result is greater savings and sustainability.

Gain Awareness

Collecting usage and billing data and running insightful reports can identify areas of significant waste.

Studies reveal that buildings use 30% more energy than needed. As energy prices rise, managing energy costs is a critical concern. PowerHud’s automated forecasting and billing intelligences help you track inefficiencies, predict costs, and identify opportunities to save.

Manufacturing Industries

After work, factory managers walk around to ensure electricity is turned off at their facilities.

The manufacturing sector understands tremendous financial savings with energy efficiency and the importance of developing sustainable business practices. PowerHud offers a cost-effective industrial energy management solution to measure, monitor and forecast energy expenses. Its real-time analytics offers insight to reduce energy use and costs while meeting the operational requirements of the facility’s business.

PowerHud provides site-level and enterprise-wide insight on energy consumption to support strategic changes in energy use for better operational performance and continual business improvement.

Hotels & Resorts

Hotel power management is critical and complex.  Systems operate around the clock.  Hotels need to reduce energy use and peak demand to avoid reactive energy penalties. PowerHud® provides visibility, analysis and control of your hotel’s energy use and power systems to maximize uptime and energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

Guest rooms account for 40 – 80% of hotel energy consumption. PowerHud® offers occupancy-based energy management, enabling hotel operators to monitor and control energy consumption, identify and address maintenance needs, and troubleshoot problems.  With PowerHud’s guest room analytics, hotels can realize significant energy savings and improved operational efficiency.

Retails & Shopping Malls

Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting

For retailers, worldwide energy is the largest and most growing expense. PowerHud® enables large retailers to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption across all their stores without impacting existing operations.

PowerHud’s intelligent HUD (Heads-Up Display) centralizes energy operations and clearly displays key performance indicators, such as energy consumption, costs and emissions.  Intelligent sensors gather utility data from each store point into the PowerHud® platform, which aggregates and analyzes the wealth of data to find inefficient locations or energy-wasting assets.  Its robust insights give opportunities to save energy and improve profit margins.

Banking & Finance

Banks and other financial institutions run vast data centers, gigantic office buildings and branches that consume tremendous amounts of energy. Given that local branches generate up to 60% of a bank’s energy consumption, a critical goal is to keep availability up and electricity costs down.

PowerHud® offers a new generation, centralized energy management platform and cost effectiveness to help optimize energy efficiency. Detailed utility metering data from intelligent sensors is gathered from bank branches over time and analyzed to identify improvements that could save energy and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Monitoring and managing energy efficiency from small offices and branches lead to large savings for banks.

Hospitals & Health Centers

Today’s healthcare facility uses 2.7 times the energy of a similar size office building.  Its 24/7 operation and other unique needs makes healthcare facilities ideal candidates for measuring and improving energy performance.

As energy prices continually rise, PowerHud offers an intelligent energy platform that helps to reduce electricity costs by controlling and monitoring energy sources.  Its collects and analyzes energy data across hospitals and branches to gain better insight into performance, identifying ways to eliminate energy waste and optimize efficiency.  It enables facility operators to keep track of critical assets and medical equipment in real time by monitoring their condition and allowing timely interventions.

Education Centers

In today’s educational environment, controlling costs is the key to maintaining programs and affordable services.  Energy is often the next-highest expense after salaries and benefits, forcing institutions to examine their energy usage patterns.

PowerHud® monitors and manages energy consumption with an easy-to-understand and insightful view into energy data, identifying areas of waste and inefficiencies, and opportunities for conservation and cost savings. PowerHud® helps to effectively reduce operating costs, that may prevent institutions from slashing programs, increasing fees or lowering their quality of service.

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Power Quality

You can monitor the quality of the energy you purchase.

Reactive Compensation

Compensation systems can be monitored real time.

Formula Engine

Data collected from devices can be recalculated with formulations and mathematical equations.

Advanced API

PowerHud communicates with your existing systems with very powerful Rest APIs.


Receive instant critical alerts via text and E-mail messages.


Real-time consumption and billing data is reported daily, weekly and monthly.

Bill Management

Manage your previous energy invoices and predict future bills.

Demand Management

Manage your peak demand times, and plan your energy capacity accordingly.


Understand your energy consumption with insightful charts, graphs and KPIs.

User Roles

Define authorized user roles to control access to the PowerHud modules.

Any Brand

Use any brand for IOT devices with PowerHud, even customized hardware.

Big Data DB

Store and process your data indefinitely with a Vertical and Horizontal scalable platform.

Push Your Limits With PowerHud

Companies cannot Process Their Data

Energy Saving 25%
Operational Savings 40%
Protecting Equipments 30%
Estimated Saving 24%

Consume Energy More Than They Need

How Does PowerHud Work

PowerHud has a flexible structural design that enables it to work on the cloud or local virtual machines.  It uses noSql  as its database server.  Here are the main steps:

  • Data is collected from analyzers and sensors by PowerHud’s collection agent.  This data is sent to PowerHud’s data aggregation service, which automatically classifies the data and saves it to PowerHud’s database.
  • The data is analytically processed, as per the rules defined, and if any match is found, user(s) will be notified.
  • All IOT devices can be monitored by PowerHud. Any device that is reporting an error or appears inaccessible by PowerHud will be reported to the user(s).

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