PowerHud Energy Monitoring Solution

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PowerHud® is an innovative solution to better understand the performance of devices, systems and their energy consumption, as well as gaining insights into energy savings, operational efficiencies and sustainability.


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Energy Management

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Solar/Wind Energy Management

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Water/Waste Water Management

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Carbon Footprint Management

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Live Diagrams

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Gen/CoGen/TriGen Management

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AI Powered Prediction

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UPS Management

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Automated ISO50001

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Power Demand Management

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Smart Analytics

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Pressured Air and Steam

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Power Quality

You can monitor the quality of the energy you purchase.

Reactive Compensation

Compensation systems can be monitored real time.

Formula Engine

Data collected from devices can be recalculated with formulations and mathematical equations.

Advanced API

PowerHud communicates with your existing systems with very powerful Rest APIs.


Receive instant critical alerts via text and E-mail messages.


Real-time consumption and billing data is reported daily, weekly and monthly.

Bill Management

Manage your previous energy invoices and predict future bills.

Demand Management

Manage your peak demand times, and plan your energy capacity accordingly.


You can see the instant energy consumed in your business from a bird’s eye view and follow the sub-breakdowns instantly.

Measuring Device Feature

You can instantly monitor the trends by taking samples as if you were measuring with a millisecond measuring device for the points you determine.

Production Analysis

You can create cost calculations per unit of production normally or hierarchically.

Single Line Diagram

You can follow your energy distribution lines with easy visuals.


Understand your energy consumption with insightful charts, graphs and KPIs.

User Roles

Define authorized user roles to control access to the PowerHud modules.

Any Brand

You can create cost calculations per unit of production normally or hierarchically.

Big Data DB

You can follow your energy distribution lines with easy visuals.

Push Your Limits With PowerHud


Companies cannot Process Their Data

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Operational Savings 0
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Consume Energy More Than They Need

PowerHud License Editions

Features Standard License Enterprise License
Energy Monitoring (via AMR or Power Meters), Compensation and Reactive Penalty, Demand, Solar, Wind, Water, Natural Gas, Steam, and Air Consumption Tracking, Calculation of Energy Reconciliation Sold to the Grid Due to Energy Production.
Monitoring points such as Generator, UPS, Heat and Humidity Sensors etc., Demand Benchmark, Dynamic Parameter Measurement Device Feature, Modbus RTU/TCP, OPC, PLC, BACNet, and SNMP Communication
Live Schemes, Live Device Data, Device Calibration Tracking, Single Line Diagrams, Instantaneous, Historical and Detailed Invoice Status Inquiry, Formula Engine, Task Tracking Notebook, Unlimited User Accounts.
Instant Smart Alerts, Alarms, Automatic Reports, Anomaly Reports, Breakdown Consumption Reports, Corporate Carbon Footprint Reports Obtained with One Click, Hierarchical or Individual Unit Production Report, Dynamic Parameterized Data Set Table Creation
Integrated Sustainability Corporate Carbon Footprint Module Working, Consumption Forecasting, Annual Comparative ISO50001 SEU and Consumption Trends Report.
Integration with ERP, BMI, SCADA, Active Directory, Collecting Production Data via SAP or Other ERPs, Re-branding, Cloud (PaaS) or Onsite Functionality, Replication of Consumption Data to Other SQL Databases.
Custom Rest API, Multi-tenant structure, Unlimited Data Storage, SSL Secured Communication Infrastructure, Server Management, Custom Report Designing for Business Needs, Energy KPIs, Appointment of Energy Engineer.
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* The start date of validity is 06-05-2024

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