Getting Smart About Energy

A key component of IoT is its ability to provide added intelligence from stand-alone devices and production systems. In terms of energy management, smart devices and integrated systems enable businesses to better understand their energy consumption and costs in real-time, identify faulty equipment and overlay data sets to draw previously invisible insights that can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

What is PowerHud®

Gain a complete and customizable view of  your use and spend, which drives transparency to ensure cost savings opportunities for each of your locations.

Our energy analytics platform, PowerHud®, identifies hidden energy cost drivers and operational inefficiencies using real-time and historical data aggregated from IoT devices.  PowerHud’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) provides a wealth of data – at a glance – that is useful and easy to understand.

PowerHud Energy Management Software

Who Needs It

Nowadays, businesses rely and depend on energy more than ever. From industrial manufacturing plants to commercial buildings, businesses are powered by energy.  A large budget is allocated for this necessity, as well as time and resources to better understand (and reduce) energy consumption (and waste).

PowerHud® is an innovative solution to better understand the performance of devices, systems and their energy consumption, as well as gaining insights into energy savings, operational efficiencies and sustainability.

What are the Benefits

PowerHud® implements a systematic approach to energy efficiency that not only significantly improves energy performance, but also results in greater productivity and lower maintenance needs.  Key benefits are:

  • Manage and track energy usage and payments through a single dashboard.
  • Pinpoint root causes of energy waste and inefficiencies.
  • Uncover hidden trends & patterns.
  • Identify opportunities to save.
  • Avoid risks to uptime & reduce operational costs.
  • Unify management of all utilities.
  • Continually improve energy management.

Are you Ready?

For premises without an energy management solution, we provide the software and hardware support, ensuring IoT sensors are installed and configured correctly to communicate with the PowerHud® platform.

Premises may already have an energy monitoring system in place with installed sensors and analyzers. In this case, we can implement PowerHud® without reconfiguring the existing system. PowerHud® will integrate with the system in order to process calculations for analytical insight.

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