Why Energy Efficiency is Important?

Studies reveal that buildings use 30% more energy than needed. As energy prices rise, managing energy costs is a critical concern. Automated forecasting and billing intelligence help you track inefficiencies, predict costs, and identify opportunities to save.


Nowadays, businesses rely and depend on energy more than ever. From industrial manufacturing plants, hotels, schools, hospitals, banks, retail chains to commercial buildings, businesses are powered by energy. A large budget is allocated for this necessity, as well as time and resources to better understand (and reduce) energy consumption (and waste).


As per CNN’s report Carbon dioxide (CO2), the №1 greenhouse gas leading to man-made global warming, has reached a dubious new milestone.


The level of the gas in the atmosphere, which is measured by instruments on top of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory, topped 410 parts per million (ppm) for the month of April.


This is the highest concentration of the heat-trapping gas ever recorded at the Observatory, where direct measurements have been taking place for more than 60 years, giving us the longest detailed record. Everyone living on earth is responsible for global warming and helping the environment, whether by planting a tree or consuming energy resources more efficiently.